Always go for the one that complements your complexion

The presence of prestigious polo clubs throughout the community intensifies the popularity of polo as a recreational sport in the area. Within the Equestrian Preserve Area, numerous horse riding events and polo competitions are staged. Thus, the area is frequented by huge number of horse lovers and enthusiasts from around the world including dignitaries and royalties.

Always go for the one that complements your complexion, silhouette and personality. You can pair it with a variety of clothes to make different stylish ensembles. Paring a polo with a fitted blazer is a good idea for getting a business casual look. Whereas, wearing this amazing top with jeans, shorts, miniskirts and accessorizing with a necklace and bracelets give a casual chic look. Furthermore, a stretch cotton shirt with sweatpants, yoga pants or fitness shorts is a perfect outfit for sporting activities.

With the given history and continuous development of Wellington as a popular polo and equestrian center, it is not amazing at all why these horse-related sports are such big hits in the community. Polo, equestrian, and horse shows have evolved to become crowd-drawers and economic reservoirs of the entire community.