Giving Back

At Copper Couture, we feel it is of the utmost importance to give back to the community.
We’re proud to support a local charity that is full of artistic passion and love!

Chance 2 Dance provides inclusive and accommodating dance classes to children, youth and adults with special needs in Central Florida. Below is their mission statement. We hope it warms your heart the way it warms ours!

To Give everyone, no matter their ability, the opportunity and Chance 2 Dance.

To Foster the love of dance by simply having FUN!

To Promote self-awareness of one’s own abilities in a safe and comfortable environment with a C2D trained & certified instructor that enhances and encourages both social integration and confidence through the exploration of movement.

To Encourage creative expression as an individual or in a group setting with activities that promote strength, coordination, concentration, and cooperation and much more.

To Support the culture of special needs; activating the body through movement to stimulate and gain control and focus of the mind.

If you would like to be considered as a CCW sponsored charity, please apply by emailing

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