Specializing in ‘WOW’

We are a full service creative studio that creates unique and one-of-a-kind products for clients all over the world. We also create a personal tailor-made experience for those that we work with. There are plenty of people in the world who are difficult to shop for, have sky high expectations, or want something different – and we love solving that problem.

Everything made by Copper Couture Studio uses our un-replicated diamond-engraving techniques. We also have a segment of the company that is exclusively hand stamped items, called Snappin Studio.

Meet Our Owners


Product Design & Manufacturing

Kyle is the founder of both Snappin Studio & Copper Couture Studio. He is continually focused on creating the best customer experience possible and creating works that are unmatched by anyone else in the custom metalwork fields or stationery fields. Kyle manages and oversees the entire production and manufacturing staff to ensure quality is the primary focus, and deadlines are always met.

In his spare time, you can find him either reading or at the gym. As a former All-American college athlete, he likes to stay active as much as possible.


Business Development

Chelsea is the one that makes things happen and connects ideas to potential customers. Chelsea develops and maintains everything from our website to our social media presence. She is also typically our main representative at shows and other events that we do multiple times per year.

When she is not working for Copper Couture, you can find her kickboxing, shopping, or spending time with her husband and two rescue dogs.

How we started…

It all started when two friends in college turned a spare bedroom into a studio and started selling personalized metal keepsakes online. By focusing primarily on quality and creating something that was unlike anything else available, we have grown to serve over one hundred thousand clients in all 50 US states, and over 60 countries, maintaining a 5-star rating in our online stores.

Copper Couture Weddings and Snappin Studio have created a unique, un-replicated process of creating the highest gifts, quality wedding stationery and accessories available anywhere in the world today. Having been recognized by multiple clients as producing a product that is ‘truly unforgettable’ and ‘something they have never seen before’, Copper Couture exists to provide a new level of luxury to weddings for those who want to have the best of what’s available.

When we say ‘the most substantial luxury invitations available’, we mean it.

Our unique process focuses on you, to make sure that you are provided with truly original items that bring the ‘Wow Factor’ to a new level.

Each Copper Couture item is artisan made in our Central Florida studio. From start to finish, creating a new batch takes several days, ensuring our customers receive the highest quality stationery available, coupled with the highest level of customer support.

If you know what you would like, or want to speak with a CC representative, contact us.

Step 1: Choose your metal.

Everything starts out as sheet metal. Our options are copper, aluminum, bronze, brass and sterling silver. The first step in our process is selecting the metal. Once selected, we begin preparation for engraving.

Step 2: Choose your color/finish.

Naturally Antiqued Copper (See finished product above)

Step two is to decide on the finish or color you would like your items to be. We have 3 options available here. The first option is to use the natural metal color with a brushed or polished finish. The second option is to have your items professionally painted with whatever color you would like. And the third option is to have your items naturally antiqued.

Copper painted with chiffon creme color (see finished product above)

Step 3: Personalize your items.

After selecting your metal and color/finish, the next step is designing the wedding stationery of your dreams. You can choose one of our designs or work with a CC representative to bring your ideas to life. It’s important to remember that everything is fully customizable with designs, fonts, layouts, colors etc. So don’t be afraid to inquire if you want something different.

Step 4: Production begins.

After approving your design, we take the metal, color, and style you have chosen and begin manufacturing. The longest step in the process is the diamond tip engraving. Each item takes at least an hour to engrave so it reflects as much light as possible.

This detail-oriented process is one that has taken us over 7 years to perfect and one you will not find anywhere other than Copper Couture.

Step 5: Cut, File, Sand.

After each item is engraved, we cut them out, file and sand them so they are smooth to the touch. Metal can be very sharp when cut, but we ensure that our items have the smoothest finish possible before sending them out.

Step 6: Add the back.

Each Copper Couture item (other than napkin holders) come with either a magnetic or felt backing. Since we know, invitations or save the dates will most likely end up is on the fridge.  Magnets are available for functionallity. Luxury backing perfectly fits each item. Soft to the touch felt and magnetic options add to the substantial feel. Our high quality stationery is less likely to be thrown away than anything else available.

Polish, Pack, Ship.

Finally, items are polished to perfection, removing any blemishes or unwanted marks. We then package our items in velvet sleeves and send them on their way to you!

Our Obsession: Attention to Detail

When we say ‘the most substantial luxury wedding invitations available’, we mean it. Our unique process focuses on you. We want you to have something truly original.

Each Copper Couture item is artisan made in our Central Florida studio. We have a unique process where we paint or naturally antique our metals, then diamond engrave them to expose the bright metal underneath. Inspired by the metallic trend, we take it to the next level to make your wedding or event really stand out. From start to finish, creating a new batch takes several days. Our goal is for you to receive the highest quality stationery available, coupled with the highest level of customer support. Two to three days after your purchase we will send you a digital proof for your approval, to make sure your design is perfect before going to final print. Copper Couture provides luxury for all. Now offering payment options.

Contact us, to speak with a CCW representative. We love custom orders!